Welcome to the Alzheimer's Prevention & Reversal Project (APRP)

APRP’s goal is to reduce the global burden of dementia, and unlike all other foundations, we have taken a giant step toward that goal with successful published results.

APRP Is the First To:

Achieve success in the reversal of cognitive decline.

Sustain success—for over a decade.

Publish clinical trial results with 84% of patients improving.


APRP is making Alzheimer’s optional—with the precision medicine approach we pioneered, we can all make Alzheimer’s a very rare disease. See the documentary about our work: Memories for Life: Reversing Alzheimer’s, narrated by Michael Bublé.


APRP supports patients in need—patients who desperately need testing and treatment, but cannot afford it. APRP also supports education and progress—continuing to improve on our success, and optimize outcomes.

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There are millions in need, and for the first time, we truly have something to offer. We need your help—your donations to APRP provide hope for those in need, to remain with their loving families, continue their life’s work, and experience joy and fulfillment for years to come.

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Precision Medicine Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease: Unprecedented Clinical Trial Results Show Reversal of Cognitive Decline in 84% of Participants
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Currently taking applications for our next clinical trial!

Survivors In Their Own Words

First-person stories of patients recovering from Alzheimer’s disease and how they did it.