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Dr. Bredesen has written several books, both New York Times Bestsellers, that have forever changed the way we perceive the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease. He has a new book coming out in August of 2021, that will feature Alzheimer’s survivors, telling their transformational stories while providing insight into the pathology for the scientific community and offering hope for everyone.

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The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s

No one knows a survivor of Alzheimer’s… until now. The Bredesen Protocol has lead to unprecedented outcomes in treatment. Hear the inspiring, almost unbelievable, stories of the first people recovering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.


The End of Alzheimer’s Program

In “The End of Alzheimer’s” Dale Bredesen laid out the science behind his revolutionary new program that is the first to both prevent and reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Now he lays out the detailed program he uses with his own patients. Accessible and detailed, it can be tailored to anyone’s needs and will enhance cognitive ability at any age.


The End of Alzheimer’s

Taking insights gleaned from decades in the laboratory and his clinical work with patients, Dr. Bredesen has authored a groundbreaking guide to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease that fundamentally changes how we understand cognitive decline.

The End of Alzheimer’s