Who We Are

We are researchers, scientists, patients, families, practitioners, caregivers, coaches, and health advocates embracing a precision medicine approach proven to prevent, slow, and even reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

What We Do

APRP advances successful methods for researching, preventing, and reversing cognitive decline. We identify and address actual causes—not just symptoms--of Alzheimer’s disease, and improve outcomes for many patients in need.

The Alzheimer’s Misconception

At APRP, we believe the entire approach to treating Alzheimer’s has been based on a fundamental misconception: that Alzheimer’s is a simple disease—like pneumonia or tuberculosis—so we just need to find the cause, develop a drug, and write the prescription. This misunderstanding has caused the standard of care to be completely backwards.

We are told not to check our genetic susceptibility because nothing can be done. We are told that there is no effective treatment, and so we delay our evaluation and treatment. When we develop symptoms, the physician does not do the very tests that are critical for understanding what caused the symptoms and we are treated with ineffective drugs that do not target the cause(s) of the disease.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention and Reversal Project (APRP) advances evidence-based, personalized medicine to prevent, slow, and reverse neurodegenerative diseases. Through research, clinical application, and preventive care we are seeing a change from impossible to possible. There are now over 3000 patients on this protocol, with unprecedented improvements documented. (link to source?)

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